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It was December 2009 that we first met.  We got to know each other over the following few months and by the summer of 2010 we were backing each other up as birth doulas.

At the end of the summer of 2010 we had an experience that would change they way we worked.  Jeannie was out of town and one of her birth clients went into labour early. She called me (Tarana) in to support this couple in her place.  This particular labour was long and complex.  By the time the baby was born, Jeannie had made her way home and came to cover the postnatal support. I was so glad to see her!  I left knowing this couple was in fabulous hands during those important first hours.

After this experience we started discussing the concept of a formal partnership. In the beginning we began with expanding on the traditional back up system and started meeting each other’s birth clients to create a better flow. Once this idea took hold we wondered why we had ever done it any other way! Eventually we just started meeting all our birth clients together and created a synergy that allowed us to be much more active in birth work than if we had worked separately.

On January 31st, 2012 our first official birth client under this formal partnership was in labour, and we were so excited we both attended! It was a powerful water birth at the Birth Centre (only the 14th birth there!), and Foundations Birth Services was born.

During the six years that we collaborated and worked together as partners we supported over 300 families during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Over and over again, as our understanding and perspectives have deepened, we have felt the need for facilitating village care around birth and the early postnatal time period.

2016 brought many exciting changes for Foundations, a new way of working together and the addition of new partners and services. Jeannie made a physical move back to Minnesota, where she is fostering the growth of Foundations in the Minneapolis area, while Tarana  established a physical location for Foundations here in Winnipeg, and expanded her team.

Here in Winnipeg, Foundations has grown and added like minded birth workers, providing additional services.  Prenatal education classes, Postnatal Doula, and Lactation Consultation services are now all part of the Foundations offerings.  In a very organic and natural way, that village care concept has materialized into real care options.



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Foundations has grown in many ways lately. We are happy to be finding new ways of working together and adding of new partners and services. It is so exciting to be actualizing the depth of care that has been our vision for quite some time now. Read More about “The Path To Here”

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