The Big Day:

Birthing a Human Baby is likely to be one of the most significant days of your life. In fact if you ask people about this day, long after their children are grown, the majority of people will still be able to tell you the story of the day they met those tiny humans. The journey of birth has an impact on the early days and weeks of parenting, and therefore the newly born babe. In our modern world, in places where we no longer live in close knit community or village, we have lost our innate knowledge of, and connection to Birth. This can lead to a feeling of overwhelm and even anxiety around the anticipation of the “unknown” elements of the birthing journey.

This class is focused on reducing the overwhelm of trying to learn ALL the things, by keeping it simple and real. Here is a list of topics we will dive into:

How your Body Works in Birth – This is a fancy way of saying we will cover some anatomy and physiology, but we will try to keep it relevant and interesting! Knowing why something is happening goes a long ways towards helping us cope with it.

Stages & Phases of Birth – What to bring, how to know, when to go. We will do our best to cover the common questions and answer any additional ones that you have.

Supporting & Coping – We will discuss the various ways that people find helpful for both supporting and coping. Birth is often viewed as something scary, but the truth is that birth is an opportunity for people step into their power. And definitely we are always seeing people step up and do whatever they need to do. Let’s talk about this! The second half of this class is Labour Tips & Techniques, the hands on portion where we go over all the moves and positions for supporting & coping.

Options & Interventions – Most people are hoping for an intervention free, or low intervention experience, and that is our hope for you as well. Understanding the most commonly offered and accessed interventions will help reduce fear and confusion. Knowing your options goes a long ways towards making choices that make sense for you and your family. We believe Informed is the only kind of consent you should give.

The Golden Hour – We will discuss those first moments with this new human and things to consider in order to protect that first hour of transition to life on the outside. Our Breastfeeding Essentials and Bringing Baby Home classes go into much more detail on the topic of the first few days/weeks and Embracing & Planning for your Transition to Parenthood looks at the months to come.

This class is facilitated by an experienced local Doula and Massage Therapist

Session Fee =  $160.00 per birthing team (this fee covers The Big Day & Labour Tips & Techniques)

3 hour session

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