Tarana’s Current Offerings

Birth Prep & Doula Support Options

Body in Balance Birth Prep session – This in person session is ideal for the 23-26 weeks gestation period.  I will go over some of the biomechanics of the pregnant body with you and give you a series of stretches, exercises and techniques to use throughout the pregnancy to hopefully avoid excessive discomfort now and during the birth. I also spend time on ways to create a useful synergy between you and your primary support person. “Training for birth” makes sense to this Doula. This is a very interactive session where I will demo and have you practice these techniques to be sure you feel comfortable with them before I leave.  You will receive a guidebook with visual and written aids

This session is available to Massage clients and of course included in our Birth Doula Support package.

Labour Tips & Techniques is a hands on class open to the public, and also included in our Birth Doula Support package. You can read more about our classes on the Classes page.

Doula Support includes the following:

Email information and support

Body in Balance session

If this is your first birth, we include our whole educations series in our support package

Labour Tips & Techniques session

Birth Philosophy Consultation

Weekly phone/text check in from 32 weeks gestation

Unlimited text/phone support

In-person support for the whole Birth and first hour or so post birth

Postnatal check ins and visits for the first few weeks, as needed.

It is best to meet before deciding, because this is an important decision and we need to know that we are going to work well together as a team. Our first meeting is a no charge, no obligation consultation, where we can go over the offerings and pricing in detail, and I will be happy to answer questions.

*please note that the Birth Prep sessions may be covered under your Health Care insurance plan, and if I am there in person the day of the birth, providing hands on massage treatment and techniques, I will be able to issue you an insurance receipt for a portion of my time.


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