Tarana Wheelwright, RMT, Birth Doula

Tarana stumbled across the word doula in January 2007 when she was looking into volunteer work opportunities at a local home supporting pregnant people in need. She quickly realized she was being called to the birth support role, and began the process of changing her life to become a full time birth Doula.

She attended a training course and read every book she could find about birth work and supportive care. Realizing her family was not ready for her to be living an on-call lifestyle just yet, she laid the groundwork for making birth work her career, and finally attended her first birth in August 2009. By that time she had left her career of almost 20 years and soon after that first birth she enrolled in the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba, (now known as Evolve College).

While attending college full time she attended 25 births which was incredibly helpful for her studies. Being in the classroom learning physiology, anatomy, and other related topics was also very useful in the birth room. During her time in college, Tarana fell in love with the work of remedial massage therapy as well!

In a perfect world she is supporting her massage clients in pregnancy (or even pre-conception!) through the birth experience, and beyond. Tarana has a strong belief in the village care concept, and works hard at trying to facilitate that sort of support network for the families who include her in their family growing journey.

Tarana took Infant Massage Teacher Training almost immediately after graduating and enjoys the opportunity to facilitate nurturing touch in new families. She has expanded her understanding of the birthing body by taking the Arvigo (R) Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapies training, and has been privileged to witness the births of several babies conceived after that treatment protocol took place. In 2016 she began studying Craniosacral therapies with Carol Gray, focusing on working with infants, and has fallen in love with bodywork for babies, children and youth. After having used the techniques found on the Spinning Babies website for several years, she was thrilled to finally get to an in person workshop with Tammy Ryan in June 2017.  Always driven to learn more, Tarana has now taken the Gillespie Approach training to add to her tool belt when working with infants/babies and all ages. This Craniosacral Fascial bodywork is a wonderful combination of several modalities that she has loved for years now.  There is no doubt she will continue fitting in expanded training whenever the due dates allow for it!

Over the past 14.5 years she has provided support for over 440 births. Every birth brings her new insight into the human experience. Her view and understanding of birth work has shifted and changed over the years, however her belief that birth matters has only deepened. 

Current Offerings include:

Birth Prep sessions

In-Person Doula Support

Massage Therapy, Bodywork for infants/babies/youth, and Infant Massage classes

The Big Day Prenatal Education class 

Many of these offerings are either fully or partially covered under most Health Care Insurance plans. 

You can contact Tarana directly at taranadoula@gmail.com

Click here to read about some of the births that Tarana has supported over the years.

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