Massage Therapy

Massage is recommended during pregnancy because it can address many common discomforts associated with the changes brought on by both hormonal and center of gravity shifts during pregnancy. Studies show that prenatal massage has the potential to reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches, joint pain and improve overall health for both the pregnant body and the growing baby body.

Prenatal massage provides a large number of physiological and psychological benefits to both the childbearer and unborn child. Just a few of these are:

  • Tension relief in the muscles supporting the new weight and changing center of gravity
  • Improved muscular and fascial flexibility
  • Relief from back pain, headaches, leg cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fatigue
  • Improved vascular flow, providing more oxygen and nutrients to both bodies involved
  • Stimulated lymphatic system, which in turn increases immunity and removes toxins
  • Stabilizing of hormones and relaxation of the nervous system, aiding in less stress and better sleeps, along with regular endorphin releases that help minimize discomfort

There are many conflicting opinions and viewpoints about the proper way to perform a prenatal massage. It is well known that the right side-lying position gives baby the opportunity to compress the maternal inferior vena cava, which in turn interrupts the normal return of blood to the heart. Additionally, the side-lying position can increase pressure on the hip joints. A supported, face down position allows for proper spine alignment, normal blood flow and no pressure on the hips.

Throughout centuries of time, pregnant bodies have been engaging in activities that put their abdomen into an unsupported ‘hanging’ position. Think of the pregnant working in fields, scrubbing floors, gardening, lovemaking, and of course labouring in an all fours position. Not only has this sort of activity been going on for thousands of years, it has been encouraged and promoted by midwives and doctors alike!

Our deep belief in the the body’s natural ability to protect itself from harm allows us to offer a variety of positions for your prenatal massage treatment, including a supported face down option.

Together, we will find the best positioning for  you.

We have several therapists ready to support you with remedial massage therapy through your pregnancy and beyond.  On line booking makes it easy to schedule appointments right up to your estimated due date!  We encourage you to even book an appointment the week of that date, if you have your baby before then and need to cancel, no one will be upset!

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