Philosophy of Care

Providing the Supportive Care That’s Right for Your Birth

Childbirth is unpredictable and can feel overwhelming at times. We believe the best support is that which involves clear information before the birthing day, open conversation about available choices, empowerment and comfort throughout the birth experience, and a safe touchstone in the early postpartum days. We believe that the role of the birth Doula is primarily one of support.  

It is our intention to provide this to each birthing team, in the manner that is most suitable to them. We will endeavour to do our best to listen to and hear what your needs are, and from there support you in filling those needs.

With this in mind, we have developed partnerships with doula colleagues that we can work with to provide each client with intentional, focused and continual care.  In keeping with our belief in the ‘village care’ model of support we have aligned ourselves with other support workers to offer prenatal education, additional support in the postnatal period, and breastfeeding support in the early stages. We offer an exclusive weekly moms group to our birth clients in order to facilitate staying actively involved during the important transitional post natal year.  Through this collaborative with other specialists, we are able to take care of ourselves, and our families, which brings us to each birth full of joy and warm of heart.

You might have more questions about what kind of education and support we can provide you with. Birth has so many unknowns, we are here to help you navigate through them to support you in feeling calm, confident, and in control.

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