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Foundations is built on the concept of collaboration and teamwork.  The original doula team experienced first hand the tremendous benefits of working in true collaboration, both for their clients and for their own families.  Over a period of several years they developed a style of supporting each other that mirrored the support they were providing to families.  This created a strong fabric of care and a sustainable career path.

Each expansion and growth spurt of our support team, has felt organic and ‘meant to be’. Everyone on the Foundations team is interconnected in some wonderful way to at least one if not several other team members.  Working in this way together gives each of us the opportunity to be independent and yet connected.


Tarana Wheelwright, RMT, CD(DONA)

Birth Doula, RMT, Founder

Tarana stumbled across the word doula in January 2007 when she was looking into volunteer work opportunities at a local home supporting pregnant women in need. She quickly realized she was being called to the birth work and began the process of changing her life to become a full time birth Doula.

She attended a training course and read every book she could find about birth work and supportive care. Realizing her family was not ready for her to be living an on-call lifestyle just yet, she laid the groundwork for making birth work her career, and finally attended her first birth in August 2009.  By that time she had left her career of almost 20 years and enrolled in the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba, (now known as Evolve College).

While attending college full time she attended 25 births which was incredibly helpful for her studies. Being in the classroom learning physiology, anatomy, and other related topics was also very useful in the birth room. During her time in school, Tarana fell in love with the work of remedial massage therapy as well!

In a perfect world she is supporting her massage clients in pregnancy (or even pre-conception!) through the birth experience, and beyond.  Tarana has a strong belief in the village care concept, and works hard at trying to facilitate that sort of support network for her clients.

Once she graduated, she was ready to immerse herself in the birth work, and establish her massage practice.  Over the past nine years she has provided support at over 300 births. Tarana took Infant Massage Teacher Training almost immediately after graduating and enjoys the opportunity to facilitate nurturing touch in new families.  She has expanded her understanding of the female body by taking the Arvigo (R) Techniques of  Maya Abdominal Therapies training, and has been privileged to witness the births of several babies conceived after that treatment protocol took place.  In 2016 she began studying Craniosacral therapies with Carol Gray, focusing on working with infants, and is excited to be integrating this work into her practice. After having used the techniques found on the Spinning Babies website for several years, she was thrilled to finally get to an in person workshop with Tammy Ryan in June 2017.  Always driven to learn more, there is no doubt she will continue fitting in expanded training whenever the due dates allow for it!

Every birth brings her new insight into the human experience.  Her view and understanding of birth work has shifted and changed over the years, however her belief that birth matters has only deepened. The amazement and wonder of birth work has not diminished in the least, and if  you ask her she will tell you that, for her, being a doula is a living dream come true.


Ashley Davis, CD(DONA)

Birth & Postnatal Doula

After giving birth to her third son in 2007, Ashley knew her work with birth was not finished.  She became a certified doula in the summer of 2009 and has had the pleasure of supporting numerous families over the years.  Ashley believes that all women should come away from their birth experience feeling empowered and in awe of the work that their bodies do.  Having access to great information, feeling informed about choices and decision making and having the right support throughout the journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond are a few of the stepping stones to such an experience.   She is always so honored and overjoyed to be invited into the intimate space of giving birth and witnessing the miracle that birth is, as well as the love between partners.

Ashley is passionate about meeting the needs of her clients and is dedicated to working with them to identify their goals, wishes, hopes and desires!  over the past 2 years, Ashley has begun working with families postnatally, helping in practical ways during the fourth trimester to ease the transition into parenthood or becoming a parent to more than one.  She believes that confidence building and reassuring the Mother’s own natural instincts are key during the postnatal period.

Ashley is fascinated with newborns and how amazingly smart they are and is also one of the instructors of the Bringing Baby Home class.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge and reassuring couples that even though babies don’t come with an instruction manual, they are designed with a special set of reflexes and instincts to let you know exactly what they need!

With the demands of an active family of three boys and a busy husband, Ashley balances her passion for birth work, and her dedication to parenting through limiting the number of births she attends every month.  She loves filling her time between births, and various volunteer positions, with postnatal work, and continued education. Her desire to stay up to date and to continually be learning, sent her to a Spinning Babies workshop in the fall of 2017.  She is so excited to be bringing this broadened knowledge with her to births she is attending now.


Mandy Renaud, B.A., Dip. CBE

Prenatal Educator & Birth Doula

When Mandy became pregnant with her first child she was working full time as a executive director for a provincial sport association as well as coaching at the national and international levels, and was completely dedicated to that career.  Becoming pregnant sent her in search of the best evidence and information she could find about maintaining a low risk pregnancy, having a physiologic birth, and nurturing her child with a big picture view for a healthy life.  This led her to finding, and hiring, a doula team that supported her and her husband’s vision for their family.

The impact of having supportive care during this pivotal time in her life, rippled far beyond that pregnancy. Having a strong secular foundation in the team concept, she recognized the benefits of creating a birth team and birth goals.

Mandy fell in love with all things birth, after the birth of her first daughter, and has never looked back.  She realized very quickly that she was being called to the birth profession and made what felt like a radical decision, at the time, to remain home with her daughter after her year of maternity leave was over.

She began studying, training, and being mentored as a Childbirth Educator, with the doulas who supported her through her birth journey!

She has since given birth to another daughter, and a son, giving her a new depth of understanding about the birthing process.  Being the forever student that she is, Mandy is also a DONA trained Birth Doula.  She chose to take the Birth Doula training to round out her perspective, and give her additional tools to offer the Birth Partners she instructs.  Of course now she is hooked! In 2017 she began attending births, and is so happy to be bringing all the knowledge and experience she has acquired on this journey so far, to each new birthing team she engages with.

Mandy is one of our group class instructors and is also available to teach private classes in our office or in your home!

To arrange a private class you can contact her directly through email.

Cindy Rogers Maitland, IBCLC

Breastfeeding Specialist and Prenatal Educator

Cindy is mother to two lovely young adults and one wonderful child.

Cindy has been a birthworker in various forms since 1996, including breastfeeding peer support, birth doula, doula trainer, childbirth educator and mentor, as well as working with parents (and sometimes grandparents and birth workers) with healing from emotional birth trauma. She has trained extensively and personally with Pam England, founder of Birthing From Within, and has co-facilitated BFW childbirth workshops internationally.

Cindy certified as an IBCLC in 2010, and now focuses much of her time on working with families during their breastfeeding relationship. Beginning with a focus on getting off to a good start in the early days, she is able to help parents become confident in their abilities to learn to latch baby well and comfortably. Cindy also has extensive experience in working with and assessing possible tongue/lip tied babies, breast reduction/augmentation, teen parents, adoption and surrogacy, and various other special situations.

She enjoys working with families (and babies!) and is passionate about helping to create a new generation of parents who are confident in their abilities to nourish their babies at the breast.

Jen Grisim ASM, DFB, BMFC, Birth & Postnatal Doula

Movement Instructor, Birth Doula, Postnatal Doula

Jen has been working with families approaching, moving through and beyond birth for many years now. She is passionate about parenting in community. She doesn’t believe we are made to raise the next generation feeling isolated and exhausted.  She knows we are always stronger together. This is what has driven her to explore her passion for birth and movement and parenting and babywearing to develop her classes. She LOVES wearing her babies, and wants parents to be able to move their bodies no matter what kind of day is happening.   She leads our In Tune – Body & Mind Balance classes which you can sign up for here.  You can also find out more about her other classes by following this link.


Naomi Lahr

Birth & Postnatal Doula

Naomi has been working with children, infants and their mothers for more than 14 years. She has worked all across Canada, in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Toronto, always calling Winnipeg home. Despite the many other hats she has worn throughout the years, such as; health care aid, makeup artist, dance teacher and many more, time and again she has found herself drawn to a support role during birth and the infant stage.

Filling the role of mother’s helper, and birth supporter is one she continues to return to. Naomi feels she has the most to offer when supporting families during the birth journey, and in the fourth trimester. Naomi loves the times she gets to spend with new parents, helping them understand and fall into their new roles and partners and parents. To walk with families during this special time fills her own cup as well.

Her passion is to support people through their journey at any stage, along the way; prenatally – the birth experience & postnatally (including overnights!)

She has trained with Bebo Mia Inc. and DONA international.

Naomi loves to help people understand what they are experiencing, as she believes this enhances and deepens the experience.  This has led her to register herself to train as a childbirth educator in the spring.

She’s excited to support you through your journey!

Dana Fast

Birth Doula

Dana first became interested in birth work after she experienced birth and the postnatal period herself.  She gain a new understanding of what women go through and ultimately need during that journey. Her empathy turned into a passion.  This sent her in search of a way that she could provide the support and strength she believes every birthing person deserves to have as they travel the path of childbearing and parenting.

Dana has a strong belief in the ability of the human body to birth.  She believes that in a normative birthing experience, there can be peace and strength and positive memories.  Whatever a person chooses as their definition of positive for their birth, it is important to Dana to help them achieve that.

Her goals are to empower women to find the strength to bring new life into the world, knowing they have a voice, choices and options.  She is determined to support birthing teams to feel confident and informed throughout the birth experience so that they can carry that forward into parenthood.

Teaming up with a group of like minded birth workers that bring a variety of expertise and experience to the table, seemed like the most natural next step in her journey as a Birth Doula. She is excited to have a strong support team around her, so that she can always bring her very best self to each birth.

Living in the Anola area, she is close enough to Winnipeg to support clients there, but is also comfortable supporting birthing families in the many surrounding towns from Steinbach to Beausejour!

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