Olivia Smith, Birth Doula

Olivia decided to pursue birth work after her own pregnancy and birth. Her thirst for knowledge started with trying to conceive and continued through pregnancy and into the postnatal period. She was shocked at how little most people know about all of these experiences and how much that can affect their experience. She instantly became passionate about sharing this information with others.

Having a Doula for her own pregnancy was such a special experience that she wanted to provide that care for others. She started her Doula training shortly after having her daughter and has loved every minute of it.

She grew up in Northern Manitoba, which gave her a strong sense of community. She loves building connections in the Winnipeg area and sharing these resources with her clients. She believes that it truly takes a village to help birthing people feel confident, empowered and supported in their journey to parenthood.

You can contact Olivia directly at oliviasmithdoula@gmail.com

You can follow Olivia here for interesting and informative birthy/parenting tidbits!

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