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The Best Day

This story began long before the labour started.  When we first met they were clear, she was without fear, this was going to be the best day ever. There was no reason to think the labour and birth would be anything but straightforward, normal.  This birth journey ended up being anything but average, and these

The Thing About Birth

The thing about Birth is that there is no predicting the journey.  This Birth had all the elements of surprise, all the highs and lows, all the things. This story is unusual, as in not the norm.   Don’t use this story as a measuring tool for another birth journey, this one stands out as

Ready to Embrace

“I’m losing my plug! And my mood has totally changed in the last 2 days. I am so excited and ready to embrace the whole labour process now!” What a fabulous way to approach something new, something with the power to transform, something like birth. Two and a half days later, she is still losing

With Grace

It starts out slow and mild. Is this it? Soon it is clear that their time has finally come.  Today is the start of their birth journey, the end of her pregnancy journey, the beginning of something new. Everyone says “rest while you can”, and she tries, but it is hard.  So very excited to

Newborn Reflexes

So much of the overwhelm of the early days of getting to know our newest family member comes in the form of a question that goes something like this: “Is it normal if/when/that my baby….?” When we are born, we are mostly operating reflexively.  Humans have very little cognitive thought at birth, but loads and

We have been here before

Only three hours after the cramping starts, she can’t speak through the waves of contractions anymore. We head to the hospital. Fuelled by the memory of the swiftness of the active part of her last labour, this baby’s Dad was very efficient in getting her to St. Boniface General Hospital. Even so, we waited for

Exactly 40 Weeks

It was exactly 40 weeks. The waves of pressure she felt in her uterus before she went to sleep, were now coming and going with some rhythm. She was able to rest a bit, maybe she even dozed? And then she couldn’t do that anymore.  Now they were strong enough that she needed to breathe

2017 Stats!

2017 Stats! Over the course of the 2017 year, Foundations Doulas spent 364 hours supporting families during their birth experience. This averages out to 12 hours for the primiparous or first time birthers, and 7.5 hours with the multiparous or second, third, fourth etc birther.   Or another way to look at it is, we spent

Banana Tea

So this is a thing that I am seeing popping up around the interwebs and have even heard it suggested by some midwives. Banana tea or banana peel tea! It is exactly what it sounds like, steeping a non-peeled banana or just the peel in hot water to receive all the benefits in a surprisingly

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