Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding Essentials:

Breast/Chest feeding may be the most normal way to feed a newborn, but that doesn’t mean it is easy or will feel natural in the first few critical weeks.  Those first few weeks can feel like a steep learning curve.  This class will lay out a foundation of knowledge and confidence for you to build on as a new parent.

In this session you will get information, tips and visuals to help you feel confident and relaxed about breast/chest feeding.  Your facilitator will demonstrate and have you practice several common breast/chest feeding holds, so the ‘first time’ won’t be your first time.

Breast/chest feeding is a wide subject matter, so it would be impossible to cover every potential scenario, along with the class information, we provide you with a list of useful links to supportive information.

Additionally, our instructor offers consultation services once baby arrives.

Session Fee =  $60.00 per birthing team

90 (ish) minute session

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