In Tune Mindfulness for Coping through Birth & Beyond

Why mindfulness?
Why does being positive help change birth? We have no idea what path your
labor will take. But where you end up emotionally is really the ultimate goal.
Our main goal is a positive birth!

How can changing your thought patterns help you harness the power of your hormones?

In this class we go over practical ways to incorporate simple tricks into your everyday life. Your pregnant brain is extremely plastic, almost as much as when you were a child, so why not take advantage of this time and make long lasting positive changes?

Building on the basics about how your hormones work, you will learn how to put those hormones to good use, with intention! We will go over a few techniques in class, and you get to take an entire workbook home with you to work on as you wish. (or it will be delivered to you when the class is virtual)

Topics we will discuss:

  • The benefits of mindfulness and why this is such a useful practice
  • How visualization is used by the pros with sports psychology, and why
  • How you can adapt a visualization to help you prepare for labour, as well as a focusing technique to use during labour.
  • What makes affirmations useful or useless. Developing your own personalized affirmations to improve your confidence. Why affirmations or positive self-talk is important and effective.
  • Changing the fight-flight-freeze response into the Challenge response.
  • Learning the ‘Switch cue” to train your brain to refocus during the stressful moments

This class includes worksheets for birth teams to help them focus their thoughts and energy in the right direction for labour. The goal of this class is to get you beyond just coping through labour, to feeling excited and positive about your birth, no matter how it goes. And to a place of thriving as new parents!

This class is $80.00 per birthing duo, and is Week #2 of our full Preparation series (works out to $50.00/class)

To learn more about the facilitator, Dana, a Birth Doula and Gentle Birth Educator click here!

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