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Philosophy Of Care

Providing the Supportive Care That’s Right for Your Birth

Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenting are unpredictable time periods, and can feel overwhelming at times. We believe the best support is that which involves clear information before the birthing day, open conversation about what is “normal”, available choices, empowerment and comfort throughout the birthing experience, and a safe touchstone in the early postpartum days.

We believe that the role of the Doula is primarily to support you in finding your way.  

It is our intention to provide this to each birthing team, in the manner that is most suitable to them.

We will endeavour to do our best to listen to and hear what your needs are, and from there support you in filling those needs.

With this in mind, each Support person listed here has developed partnerships with colleagues in order to provide each family with intentional, focused and continual care.  In keeping with our collaborative belief in the ‘village care’ model of support we offer prenatal education, prenatal massage, birth doula support, postnatal doula support, breastfeeding support and postnatal massage, along with infant craniosacral therapy. Through this collaborative of supporters, each of us are able to take care of ourselves, and our families, which brings us to each class, birth or new family full of joy and warm of heart.

If you need something you feel you aren’t finding here, let us know and we will try to steer you in the right direction!

All the positive Birthy, nurturing vibes to you and yours


In the times before our modern age, when people lived in communities or villages, knowledge was handed down from generation to generation.  As we lost the village, we lost that handed down knowledge.  Now with a return to community through the virtual village, we are seeing a resurgence of knowledge and story sharing, an unveiling of the silence that has surrounded the birth experience for so many years. Some of this sharing is wonderful, and some is really just not.

What is right, or best for each individual, is not the same.  However, everyone should be informed before they choose what is right for them.  We do our best to provide evidence based information when it is available, and always emphasis the value of tapping into innate knowing and intuition.

We encourage our birth clients to access us as much as they need to, when questions arise.  We definitely don’t have all the answers, but when we don’t, we will try to find them, or find someone who does!

 Because we believe quality information is important we have created a series of Childbirth and Parenting Preparation classes. Each of these classes can be taken individually or as a series, depending on your needs and preferences.  Here is the link to the page outlining these classes: Click here

Birth Doula Support

Birth is such an amazing and powerful experience that is often clouded with confusing options and distracting “myths”, we are here to help you navigate through them to support you in feeling calm, confident, and capable. The support of a Birth Doula goes far beyond the day of the birth, we make ourselves available to you before, during and after this impactful time.

There is a fair amount of confusion about what a Doula is, and who needs one.  Let’s clear this up!   Click here to find out!

Postnatal Support

We believe strongly in the concept of ‘village care’.  In our experience, one of the best ways to move through the early postnatal period is with intentional support.  For this reason we offer and recommend postnatal doula services and breastfeeding support .

A Postnatal Doula will not only provide respite to the new family, she also brings with her a wealth of information to help cut through the sometimes confusing and overwhelming information being thrown at parents.  

There are several different classifications of Breastfeeding support, but whatever the title and specialty of the person, we have seen time and again the value of accessing support in this area! If we can see that the support you need is more than what we offer we will happily direct you to a specialist in your area of need.

Every family welcoming a new being into their home, will transition easier with intentional support.

Foundations Birth Services Collaborators

The collaborators listed here are providing services catering to Child Bearing, Child Birthing and Child Rearing. Each of us offer services in our own unique way.

Please explore more on our individual pages.

Tarana Wheelwright

Birth Doula, Educator, Massage Therapist, Infant Craniosacral Therapist

(click to learn more about Tarana)

Dana Fast

Birth Doula, Gentle Birth Educator

(click to learn more about Dana)

Kira Beaudry

Holistic Nutritionist and Postpartum Doula

(click to learn more about Kira)

Carolina Konrad

Birth Doula

Click to learn more about Carolina


Each of us offer services in our own unique way. Find out a little bit about who we are and how to contact us directly.

Prenatal Education

Find out more about our Prenatal Education classes and full series.


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When your “work” is support, you do your best work if you are supported. And so the collaboration that is Foundations is really just how we are “walking our talk”.

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