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The importance of feeling safe, supported and centered can never be emphasized enough when it comes to pregnancy and birth. This birth journey started out with some challenges because of late stage pregnancy care provider changes that were out of their control, which led to uncertainty about the birth location and a general feeling of

Timing is everything

It was their third time walking the birth path. The first two births were so different from each other that they were ready for anything, or they thought they were! She had a restless night with the same kind of feelings she had before her second son was born. The discomfort was manageable but not

Birth power

This birthing team did all the things to set the stage for a quiet, gentle birth experience this time. We knew it would be intense, and probably compressed, but we thought we could manage the pace, be ahead of it all. We couldn’t account for her birth power, that deep untamed wild within her.  We

Moving in the direction of Flow

After a full night of achey labourey feels it felt like it had all gone away once she got up and walked around. Okay, so maybe not today? But soon right?  We had been waiting a week already, it felt like it was time. And then a few hours into the day she was pretty

“I believe things are happening!”

“Sorry for the early text! I believe things are happening!” It was 4:12 am, and it had begun.  This is so often the way it starts for those first labours.  A slow build up of something that might be contractions, and then is definitely contractions. She was feeling ‘something’ the night before, and by this

Expect the Unexpected

Their first baby took his time coming; they were prepared to wait.  In fact they were so ready for this baby to arrive a week or more after his 40 week date, she missed the early signs of labour. 18 days before his ‘due date’ her Doctor told her that her waters had ruptured and

All at Once

It was only four days past her ‘due date’, but it had been a long pregnancy and she was ready. She woke up sad that she wasn’t in labour and then as soon as she got up and walked to the kitchen, her waters broke!  All dramatic Hollywood style. We were excited and ready, time

Jumping Right In!

Everyone tells us that the first birth will be the long one, with loads of early labour.  This is usually true, but sometimes even that first labour can seem to start out with an advanced labour feel.  When it is your first and you have nothing to compare it to, it can feel a bit

We got there in the end

Birth is a journey.  Always. Sometimes in more ways than one.   This birth journey took many twists and turns. We got there in the end. Manitoba is a rural province, with so many communities close, but not close to the ‘big city’.  This can be complicated for times when you need medical support, like

The Best Day

This story began long before the labour started.  When we first met they were clear, she was without fear, this was going to be the best day ever. There was no reason to think the labour and birth would be anything but straightforward, normal.  This birth journey ended up being anything but average, and these

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