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It was exactly 40 weeks.

The waves of pressure she felt in her uterus before she went to sleep, were now coming and going with some rhythm. She was able to rest a bit, maybe she even dozed?

And then she couldn’t do that anymore.  Now they were strong enough that she needed to breathe through them. These waves of pressure, uterine squeezes, were still only 7-8 minutes apart, but all the other markers seemed to be saying “it’s time!”. They were gaining in length and strength, as the frequency built up.  

This birthing couple was remembering the slower progress of their first child, and were expecting to have to wait for active labour to really take off. But that was not the story this day.  

In only 2 ½ hours the rhythm of the labour went from 10 minute apart waves that she can breathe through to surges calling for her attention, and she was calling for her supporters.  

The Midwife and I converged at their house to find her working through what looked like quite a bit of intensity.

The cervix?  Oh it was dilated open to 8 cm!

We drove to the Birth Centre in a convoy just in case things turn quickly.  Before leaving, the Midwife refreshed the primary partner on what to do if the baby wouldn’t wait.  He has significant medical training, thankfully!

Fifteen minutes later we are at the Birth Centre, we did a little sifting with a scarf because we knew that baby was facing up when we were still at the house, and then this Birther was ready for the tub!  

The uterus was working with full power now to bring this baby into their arms.  Her partner is pouring water over her back from a cup, I am applying counter pressure to help with the force of that baby rotating in her pelvis, and she is using every bit of herself to ride through these surges. She roars with the intensity, and then her amniotic sac ruptures and her body began to bear down involuntarily.  

Suddenly she wanted out of the tub! Everyone helped her to the bed and back into her favoured position on her knees leaning over the back of the bed.
7 minutes later her arms are clasped around her second child, her baby girl.



This powerful birth could not have been smoother.  The focus and calm determination of this Mother, a Birth worker herself, was a pleasure to support.  She held when she needed to, she gave when she had to; letting the birth path lead her, letting her baby flow through her. She drew to herself the supporters she needed just when she needed them.  By the end she was surrounded and held and it was beautiful. Her partner, several Midwives, her Doula, her photographer (who is also a Doula), all encouraging her, breathing with her, and rejoicing in the new life she brought forth.

What an amazing way to start the year for us all!



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