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So this is a thing that I am seeing popping up around the interwebs and have even heard it suggested by some midwives.

Banana tea or banana peel tea! It is exactly what it sounds like, steeping a non-peeled banana or just the peel in hot water to receive all the benefits in a surprisingly flavourless cup of tea!

Some of the benefits that this interesting brew is claiming include, better quicker  sleep, relief of restless legs, help with muscle cramps, help with anxiousness, and many others!

Since there are no clinical studies that have been done on the tea, no one can say with certainty that any of these claims are fact, but there are many testimonials of people that have found relief for these issues just with drinking this simple tea.

It is true that most of the nutrients in the banana are in the peel and so by only eating the fruit we miss out on the majority of the benefits that are contained in the peel. The two main nutrients that are in the banana are potassium, and magnesium, both known to be beneficial when it comes to calming us and relaxing our muscles.

Everywhere I’ve read on the topic has little to say specifically in regards to pregnant people, however with the benefits it claims, it seems wise to be used during pregnancy. Like with any new routine, we suggest checking with your care provider before starting, to ensure they have no reservations about it.


My mom and I have been testing this tea to see what works best, and in the process I think I got  her hooked! I have found the second way to be best, steeping only the peel, but many places seem to suggest leaving the fruit in. Here are the steps I found to work the best for both ways.

Banana tea
1. Bring water to a boil in a pot
2. Cut off the ends of the Banana*
3. Put the banana** in the water and let simmer for 10 mins
4. Pour the liquid in a mug and enjoy.

Banana peel tea
1. Eat the fruit of your banana* at some point during the day, save the peel.
2. Bring water to a boil
3. Add peel** and let simmer for 10 min
4. Pour liquid in a mug and enjoy

*use organic Bananas (no pesticides), and wash it.

**add some ceylon cinnamon to give it a bit more flavour if your like 🙂


Here’s what some others are saying about banana tea…

I should add, because of the benefits of this tea it is suggested as an evening beverage 🙂

Let us know what you think, if you’ve tried it, or any other thoughts you might have!!



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