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What is a Doula?

The word Doula has it’s origins in the Greek language translated as a “servant-woman”.  This servant was assigned to the tasks related to caring for the pregnant, labouring and mothering lady of the household.

In modern times the word doula is defined this way from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A woman who assists another woman during labor and provides support to her, the infant, and the family after childbirth.

At Foundations Birth Services we define the role of the doula to be that of educating, listening, supporting and nurturing.  We approach each birth with open hearts and minds.  Our intention is to support you in having the most positive birth experience possible, as you define it.

Doulas and Partners

A common concern for birth partners is how they will be able to provide the best support they can, and how to avoid being pushed aside during the birth experience.  Doulas are familiar and comfortable with the process of birth, how it looks, how it sounds, how it feels.  They are also experienced with the various venues that birth happens in, home, birth centre or hospital.  This gives the Doula the opportunity to facilitate, and amplify the partner’s ability to give best quality support.  The Doula and the partner become a team during the labour journey, providing twin pillars of support to the birthing mother.  Foundations Doulas know how very important it can be for a birth couple to come together in a new, deeper bond during the birth experience.  A strong birth team becomes a strong parenting team!


In the times before our modern age, when people lived in communities or villages, knowledge was handed down from generation to generation.  As we lost the village, we lost that handed down knowledge.  Now with a return to community through the virtual village, we are seeing a resurgence of knowledge and story sharing, an unveiling of the silence that has surrounded the birth experience for so many years.

What is right, or best for each individual, is not the same.  Everyone however should be informed before they choose what is right for them.  We do our best to provide evidence based information when it is available, and encourage our birth clients to access us as much as they need to, when questions arise.  We definitely don’t have all the answers, but when we don’t, we will try to find them, or someone who does!

We highly recommend that our clients take Childbirth Preparation classes, and so to that end we have partnered with instructors providing well balanced classes.


Postnatal Support

As mothers, doulas and human beings, we believe strongly in the concept of ‘village care’.  In our experience, one of the best ways to move through the early postnatal period is with intentional support.  For this reason we include both postnatal doula services and lactation support and counselling as options in our birth packages.  Postnatal doula services are also available on their own.  A trained postnatal doula will not only provide respite to the new family, she also brings with her a wealth of information to help cut through the sometimes confusing and overwhelming information being thrown at parents.  Every family welcoming a new being into their home, will transition easier with educated and trained support.


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