Our Foundations

This collaborative of Therapeutic Care Providers believes that a Body in Balance, a Mind at Peace, a Heart at Ease, and a Spirit in Flow is the Foundation of life worth living.

To that end, we have gathered together to provide services and support to facilitate every day Wellness.

Additionally, we offer support and services during key times in life; like the preconception, prenatal, birthing, newborn and postnatal stages. We also happily provide services to smooth the edges of stressful times, injury recovery, and every day living. Some of our collaborators offer heart, spirit and mind restoration and healing through counselling, breath work, and somatic movement. We favour the “Village Care” model of health and wellness. We want to help you with your Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit in ways that lead to balance and ease.

We look forward to being part of your flow


The Manitoba Registered Massage Therapists sharing space here in South St. Vital, in Winnipeg, met in college in 2010, and have been joyfully working together ever since. We instantly recognized that we had similar views on how to approach the body Therapeutically, and we had the same vision for creating a Wellness practice. To facilitate a way for our clients to facilitate their healthy journey through life.

We offer a wide range of body work treatments ranging from remedial massage for every Body to specific modalities for specific Bodies, like infants, children, youth, preconception, pregnant, and postnatal.

Along with Remedial and Swedish massage, we offer Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, and Maya Abdominal Therapy. We are always adding to our offerings, because we are all avid knowledge seekers.

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Birth Services

What is more Foundational than the Birth of a new Human? We believe this is such an important time not only for the human being born, but also for those birthing human bodies and those supporting those birthers. Indeed it is a Foundational time for the formation of the whole Family that is emerging from the birthing experience. Our Birth services include preparation through in-person sessions, Doula and Massage in Birth services. As important as the Birth of a human is, the period afterwards is also very impactful and so we provide support in that time as well in the form of Doula support and Infant Bodywork treatments. Establishing a healthy and vibrant start to life not only impacts that life, but the life of all that human meets and interacts with. Foundations matter.

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Being avid seekers of knowledge and information naturally leads us to offer prenatal classes focusing on all the stages of the journey to, through and beyond birth.

We offer these classes in both a group, in-person setting, or in a private setting. Currently classes are held in South St. Vital & St. James (in Winnipeg, Manitoba), and Steinbach

We are always adding additional learning opportunities to our list of offerings, stay tuned!

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Each of us offer services in our own unique way. Find out a little bit about who we are and how to contact us directly.

Prenatal Education

Find out more about our Prenatal Education classes and full series.


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When your “work” is support, you do your best work if you are supported. And so the collaboration that is Foundations is really just how we are “walking our talk”.

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